Miscellaneous Features
  • Java Chat
  • Real Audio/Real Video
  • HTML Script
  • Majordomo
  • MSQL2
    Java Chat
    We provide Java Chat programs for use on your domain. Extra charges apply for use of this feature. If you have applied for basic Java Chat, look on your website for a chat directory. It will already be configured for your server. To join the chat, with your browser, go to:

    The page can be customized, but leave all the tags alone that have to do with <APPLET CODE>. 
    These rooms are capable of upto 20 users at one time.

    Real Audio/Real Video

    Real Audio or Real Audio/Video is available for an extra charge. See our fee schedule for details.

    Real Audio is a real time audio transmission/player system. A digital audio stream is transmitted from the server over the Internet to the destination and played immediately, rather than being stored to disk first and then played.

    Each audio clip requires two files: a metafile with extension .ram, and the digital audio clip itself, with extension .ra.

    The .ram file holds one or more lines of ASCII text, each of which references the .ra file to be played when the .ram file is accessed by the browser.

    Entries in .ram files have the form: 


    Place your .ram and .ra files in the realaudio subdirectory under your web directory. Remember that .ram files must be uploaded in ASCII mode while .ra files must be uploaded in BINARY mode. You may then access these files via a web browser at:

    Miva - HTML Script (for qualifying accounts only)

    Miva makes building dynamic, data driven web pages as easy as HTML. You can quickly develop interactive web pages that are 100% browser independent. Miva runs on the web server, interprets the Miva tags and outputs pure HTML to the browser. You can also use Miva to output Javascript and other browser languages, and use the built-in database to easily manipulate and publish data. 

    Full documentation and usage support for HTML Script can be found at Miva offers a variety of features and you should visit their site for more information. 

    We are running version 3.0 of HTML Script. The following is what you will need to know for use on your domain. 

    The script being called is "miva", which is in your cgi-bin. The active pages (pages with .hts or .mv) need to be placed in your root www directory, not in subdirectories. A sample URL call for this would be as follows: 

    HTMLSCRIPT has a variety of pre configured products that require path information we have preconfigured miva to automatically look into the /home/domain/htsdata directory for data files, If data is placed in this directory a example call would be as follows 


    <export file="file.dat"> 

    To call Htmlscript thru the secure server use the following: 

    Machine should be replaced with the name of the system your on, ie pan, artemis, osirus, ect . . .
    More On The Miva Engine.
    The Miva Engine makes building dynamic web sites as easy as writing HTML. Quickly develop server and browser independent dynamic sites using the XML standard. Dynamic sites that integrate scripting, database, and commerce can be developed and tested on a Microsoft workstation and deployed on Microsoft or Unix servers.

      HTML    SGML    XML    HTTP 
      POP3    SMTP    ISAPI    CGI 
    Miva runs as a pre-processor on the web server, interprets the Miva tags and outputs standard HTML, XML, Javascript, and other user interface code to the browser. Use the built-in database and ODBC interfaces to easily manipulate and publish data. Anyone that knows HTML can use Miva. 

    Miva (Htmlscript 3.0) tags are XML compliant and include:


    If you wish to to have a Majordomo listserver activated, email us and tell us the name you would like. There is a $15 monthly fee to have Majordomo activated on a given account. Make sure it has a different name than the name of your domain. For instance if your domain was, you might want to ask for fredhappydomo. 

    Once we have set up your Majordomo listserver, you can get help by sending email to On the first line of your email, just type the word HELP. You will be sent a general help file. If you want more detailed instructions on using Majordomo, you can email:

    For full instructions

    Another great resource for Majordomo information is:

    MSQL2 is a database engine. Documents may be found at Hughes SQL
    We do not provide technical support on this because of its complexity, the basic access path is below

    To use this you must submit your domain name and a database name to us. Please go to to activate your MSQL. This is the name that the prompt says when you log into the shell

    /usr/local/Hughes/bin/msql -h machine database-name

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