Anonymous FTP
Anonymous FTP Setup
Your anonymous ftp site is completely different from your web site. 

When people ftp to your domain anonymously, they will see the following directories: 

bin/ dev/ etc/ incoming/ lib/ pub/ 

"pub" is where you should put all your anonymously accessible files. 
"incoming" is for the anonymous users to upload files. 

For security the following applies 

  • Only the incoming directory can be written to anonymously
  • Subdirectories are not creatable
  • The incoming directory is not readable by people dropping files there
  • You are responsible for any "pirated" software uploaded by the anonymous users. The anonymous 
  • ftp sites will be periodically monitored for any abuses. 
  • You may ignore the other directories. 

    To access the anonymous FTP site via the web, use the following address: 

    Your HTML to download a file called mirc511s.exe from a webpage would look like this: 
    <A HREF="">Download Mirc Now</A> 

    You should tell your visitors that they may need to right-click on the link if they are PC users, or if they use a Macintosh, they need to hold down the mouse button on the link, then select the appropriate option from the Pop-up menu. 

    Please note it's possible during peak hours to receive a "too many anonymous users error", We must restrict the number of simultaneous anonymous users to keep the webserver and normal FTP performance within normal limits. If you receive this error often you may want to put you downloadable files in your main web directory and link to them with an http call 


    This assumes the zip files are in the main web directory. 

    Note - if your customer experiences slow download performance chances are it's a problem on the internet. We maintain a large margin of available bandwidth so bottlenecks never occur within our network. Please feel free to send an inquiry to be sure all the servers are operating properly, if you include there ISP's IP# we will run traceroutes to see where the delays are occuring.

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