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The PlusMain Web Control Panel program has been placed on all existing Neon Networks hosting servers. If you are a current reseller, please inform your customers that it is available as it will make use of all domain features much easier. The control panel is capable of the following: 

-full control of email forwarding
- .redirect 
-maillists configuration 
-subscribable mail lists 
-infobots / autoresponders 

Also includes:

Password protect directories - this is actually easier to use than the virtual publisher program which we will no longer distribute, and it also has the added feature of removing the directory locks when the last user is deleted from the usage file. 

Complete File maintenance - We have included a complete set of tools that will allow the user to do anything from a web browser. 

  •  Edit any online file 
  •  Rename any file 
  •  Delete any file 
  •  Change permissions on any file 
  •  Upload files from your system 
  •  Create new pages and save them to file 

  • On all new domains from 10/10/98 forward the control panel is being setup with the login and password the same as the main default login. All old domains have been locked so that it's not accessible. 

    For you to unlock this, you need to go to your /home directory. FTP to your domain, you will automatically be brought to the /home directory. 

    There will be a file called plusmail_pass, this needs to be deleted to unlock the script. Once this is done you can go to the URL

    You will be prompted for a new login and password to access the system. 

    Please make note of the following: 
    1) In order for this to work the main login has to be the domain name without the .com .net, etc.... 

    2) The browser being used must have the "accept cookie" feature (which is normally ON by default). This is used as part of the security against unauthorized users. 

    To view a non-working demo of this control panel browse to

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